Greatest NFL Quarterbacks of All-Time

Who is the NFL’s greatest quarterback of all time? That is and always will be one of the biggest debates among the sports world. With all of the greats, past and present, how does one even begin to choose? There would be tons of different lists. I have put together a list of what I think are the top five, greatest of all time.  You won’t find anyone who didn’t win the Super Bowl here.

5. John Elway
Coming in at number five is John Elway. Most impressive for Elway is his 47 game winning drives. He had 5 Super Bowl appearances. He had above average arm strength, with the the ability to throw up to 70 yards with spot on accuracy. He combined arm strength, speed, and running ability to be one of the elites in the game.

4. Brett Favre
The top four spot goes to former Green Bay Packer Bret Favre. Favre was tough, to his core. He would play hurt, or sick, or with a broken heart. He played one of the best games of his career on the heels of his Father’s passing. He brought longevity that this hard, grueling game does not often see. He had an ability to throw the ball for any angle. His pocket awareness was second to none. He has 497 touchdowns and 11 playoff appearances. Favre played the game with everything he had on every snap and on every down.

3. Peyton Manning
Third of all time goes to the newly retired Peyton Manning. Manning changed the way the quarterback position is played. His mind was his biggest and most potent weapon. His intense and obsessive film study lead him to be a dominating force. Having Reggie Wayne and Marvin Harrison in his arsenal was a huge help also. He had an uncanny ability to exploit any defenses weakness. He WAS the offensive system, it didn’t matter if he was a Bronco or a Colt. His tireless preparation earned him respect among his teammates and other players and the league.  It didn’t start that way, he struggled as a rookie compared to others.

2. Joe Montana
Number two goes to Joe Montana. Montana played in a different era, where the defense could literally attack the quarterback. He also played in an era where there was no salary cap. His owner Eddie DeBartolo was able to spend and spend to provide Montana with the tools he needed to win. He also had one of the best receivers ever in Jerry Rice. He played with a grit and tenacity that was contagious. He would get better after getting it. In a game against Philadelphia he was sacked 8 times. He the went on to throw 4 touchdowns in the 4th quarter. He had a 16-7 playoff record. Joe Montana just knew how to win!

1. Tom Brady
Arguably the G.O.A.T. title goes to New England Patriot Tom Brady. Brandy is the guy you want when the game is on the line. He has 9 game winning post season drives. He has the most touchdowns in the playoffs with 53, and 13 in the Super Bowl. Adding to his impressive stats is 3 Super Bowl MVP awards. He has an uber good relationship with his coach Bill Belichick, they have a combined record of 160-47, that makes them quite the duo. He owns the regular season as if it’s just practice for the playoffs. He’s got 12 AFC East championship titles. He makes winning look effortless. The guy just wins, all the time. That makes him number one and quite possibly the greatest signal caller to ever play.

All of these guys showed up on CBS Sports list of best quarterbacks.  They also added guys like Aaron Rodgers, Steve Young, Troy Aikman, Johnny  Unitas and Dan Marino.  However, I think these five were a step above.

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